COVID-19 Information.

During this challenging time we are still conducting our business activities while working remotely to protect our staff, partners and clients.

Please get in touch with us if you need any support or advice with your virtual meetings and future live events as we're here to help.

Virtual, Hybrid & Multi-Hub Meetings

Integrated realities

When should you conduct a live, virtual, hybrid or multi-hub program? We use our experience to help our clients make that decision, manage the planning process and choose the best platform to achieve the desired outcomes.

With strong operational processes and rigorous technical standard operating procedures, we choose between a one-to-many, peer-to-peer or multi-hub approach and use our communications expertise to advise on best practice, meeting structure and program design. Our digital specialists manage these meetings to ensure service quality for stakeholders and attendees, while continually focusing on negotiating with our suppliers, tracking and reporting on all cost savings and cost avoidance activity.

Our communications team provides advice on optimizing message delivery and our production teams ensure smooth technical delivery and, by working in tandem with our planning teams, ensure that each meeting is efficient, effective and engages with the audience.

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