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Event Branding and Concept

The most successful event concepts are shaped from a clear sense of purpose and this is where our in-house creative expertise add its greatest value. Through clear strategic direction, our event branding deepens emotional engagement, provoking positive feelings and purposeful responses. Our event graphics expertise spans live, physical, digital and social media platforms to create an end-to-end immersive experience, putting the awe in your audience before, during and after the event.

We understand the potential of memorable event branding, whether you are looking for help to develop your event strategy, create inspiring event concepts to make your brand, product, or story stand out; or simply looking for support with event graphics and meeting collateral. Our purpose is to inspire your audience with the big idea that will create positive change and elevate your business offering.

Bring your event identity to life

A strong event concept positions your offering, provides a visual hook for your audience and forms the basis for the narrative of your event. Weaving an event concept into your meeting brings it to life, transforming flat graphics into a face-to-face experience with lasting impact. It also positions your audience at the center of the meeting, creating an event identity and influencing what people think, feel and do.

Event Concept and Event Branding include:

  • Creative strategy, defining purpose and creative direction
  • Event concept design, interpreting goals into engaging event experiences
  • Event identity and event brand management to cement your meeting proposition
  • Consulting on agenda development and event content progression
  • Event graphics, design and print of meeting collateral including signage, pamphlets, etc.
  • Digital design for web, app, social media and interactive platforms
  • Meeting space and environment design ensuring end-to-end delivery
  • Exhibition stand design and engagement solutions

Contact us today, and our team will help your audience find that emotion and connection to your message, and plan your perfect creative content.

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