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Event Content

Event content creation to engage, educate and enthrall 

Our event content creation process starts with careful consideration and rigorous research, where we work to fully understand our clients’ audiences. Good event content aims to involve audiences with intent, throughout the event journey. We consider what each person will think, feel, do as a result of the event, before we plan each piece in detail.  

So whether your event content is created by our expert in-house team, including content producers and copywriters, customized or built from your own research, we’ll work with you to develop the exact narrative of your event. 

To continue the messaging and engagement of your event, we’ll integrate our event content creation within your full event communications strategy to ensure that all important return on investment. 


Our event content creation and communications services include:

  • Working with you to develop narrative and craft a message through use of the right event content creation for your needs 
  • Collaborating to understand the Think, Feel, Do of a meeting, and applying it across the entire event 
  • Communication strategy and execution, to prepare the audience for new experiences and challenge mind-sets before, during and after the event 
  • Video is a key event content creation tool. We will script, storyboard and produce video for training modules, opening sequences and employee engagement 
  • Communicating in the correct format to engage the audience in unexpected and innovative ways, moving away from the traditional  
  • Applying a multimedia approach to delivering key information to improve understanding and retention 
  • Pushing event production boundaries through our leading event content creation 
  • Speaker training and guidance  
  • Combining classic, proven storytelling tactics with event branding to creatcompelling narratives in an industry-leading way 
  • Creating team-building activities and blended learning experiences, including escape room, treasure hunt and navigation challenges 
  • Session design for meetings and events, including hackathons, networking, flash talks and festivalization   

Want to know more about how we can create tailored event content for your needs? Get in touch with our expert team today. Plus, check out our case study below on how we’ve used event content creation to increase the impact of our clients’ events. 

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