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During this challenging time we are still conducting our business activities while working remotely to protect our staff, partners and clients.

Please get in touch with us if you need any support or advice with your virtual meetings and future live events as we're here to help.


Turning talk into action

We understand the corporate communication process, from establishing how people think and make decisions, through to influencing people’s thoughts and feelings. Our goal is the creation of effective communication plans that take full advantage of the entire life-cycle of an event, from the initial invitation to the post-event feedback and beyond.

We believe in creating content in a format which engages the audience and delivers the information in unexpected and innovative ways, moving away from the traditional presentation-led approach to thinking of new ways to deliver education and information that is remembered long after the meeting has finished.

Our in-house learning and development experts work with meeting owners to provide speaker training and guidance to ensure maximum impact even with the driest of topics. By using classic storytelling tactics and creating compelling narratives, we inspire passion, suggest different formats (such as panel discussions or interviews) and encourage a multimedia approach to delivering key information to improve understanding and retention.

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