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In Pictures: The Lab 2018

By Ashfield Meetings & Events


The Lab 2018 - Registration The Lab 2018 - Registration 3 The Lab 2018 - Attendees The Lab 2018 - Garden Room The Lab 2018 - Smiling faces The Lab 2018 - Theme goodie bag The Lab 2018 - Photography The Lab 2018 - Hayley Greaves speaking The Lab 2018 - Andy Craven-Griffiths The Lab 2018 - Graffiti art The Lab 2018 - Undergraduates The Lab 2018 - Lego The Lab 2018 - Games The Lab 2018 - Building blocks The Lab 2018 - Laughing The Lab 2018 - Candle Making The Lab 2018 - Mike Lennon The Lab 2018 - Staff The Lab 2018 - Graffiti The Lab 2018 - Networking The Lab 2018 - Audience participation The Lab 2018 - Working The Lab 2018 - Speaking The Lab 2018 - Afternoon tea The Lab 2018 - Faces The Lab 2018 - Delivering speaking The Lab 2018 - Laughter The Lab 2018 - Production The Lab 2018 The Lab 2018 - Crew

On Thursday 23 August, we ran our annual conference - The Lab - at East Midlands Conference Centre, a De Vere venue, based at The University of Nottingham.

The Lab, now in its sixth year, is an interactive event for UK staff, dedicated to delivering continued professional development, building supplier partnerships and driving creativity. It is designed to complement our award-winning learning and development programme.

This year the theme ‘The Power of You’ will focus on the individual strengths of employees and how collectively they help to create solutions for clients. The Lab will have 200 attendees (including a number of preferred suppliers) and provide staff with the opportunity to share their own stories through a combination of ice-breakers, facilitated workshops, AV demonstrations, external speakers and an exhibition environment.

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