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Celebrating everyday quality leadership through the eyes of Ashfield Meetings & Events

By Ashfield Meetings & Events


Last week, Ashfield Meetings & Events hosted its second World Quality Day initiative, an annual global celebration focused solely on the meaning of quality and its importance to businesses.

Quality is one of our core values at Ashfield and underpins everything we do. The theme for this year was 'everyday leadership' which set the tone and opened up discussions around our relationships with our clients and internal stakeholders. Employees from our Ashby De La Zouch, Indianapolis (US) and Ivyland (US) offices, as well as remote workers, came together in celebration of this event and took part in virtual and face-to-face sessions.

These sessions included activities designed to encourage individuals to recognise and embrace qualitative behaviour and enhance the strengths of their own behaviour by breaking down what quality means as a group and how it affects each individual in the workplace. One of the workshops allowed staff to review and reflect on the types of quality leadership behaviours they exude on a daily basis, and learn more about their peers’ leadership styles. Videos were shared to showcase how quality is implemented into the different departments throughout the company, ensuring efficiency throughout.

Each year, the Good Quality Awards recognise members of the team who demonstrate quality each day. We asked employees to nominate colleagues who exhibit a commitment to continuous improvement and personal development, show a positive can-do attitude, or are impeccable in their delivery of excellence. Six individuals across the business were recognised as people that portray quality through everyday leadership. We asked the winners their views on quality:

What drives you to have superior quality?
Laura Pietrzyk (Finance Support Assistant, UK) said: “Presenting superior quality is a personal drive of mine. I strive to meet and exceed certain standards that we have in the finance department and have found good processes within my role to ensure the standard operating procedures for cash advances and monthly credit card billing is more efficient. I believe superior quality is a combination of being organised, having excellent time management skills and the confidence to know you’re doing well in your job.”

Aija Bondarevska (Finance Executive Specialist, UK) noted: “Since I was a child, I was always told that I should do all that I can, and do it the best I can. It’s the only way you ever get that feeling of accomplishment and is something that I continue to teach my children and promote to my colleagues.”

What does quality through leadership look like?
Steven Dougherty (Venue Sourcing Manager, US) commented: “For me what really fuels quality is pride. I had played sports year-round as a kid. My dad, who was usually my coach, ingrained that idea of leaving it all on the field, so at the end of the day you can look in the mirror whether you won or lost, and say you gave it your all. Work is no different. I would be cheating my clients (and Ashfield) if I didn’t live this mentality.”

Jennie Starner (Project Manager, US) said: “Exceeding client expectations and having repeat clients who you have the opportunity to build relationships with, is what drives me to make superior quality a standard in my day-to-day work.”

Why is quality important to you and your team?
Nicole Masterman (Senior Account Manager, UK) commented: “Quality is important to both myself and my team because it distinguishes us by indicating a standard of excellence in our work. This attribute reassures our clients, and others, that the quality we produce is consistently high, whilst helping to retain existing and future business. Ensuring our work is quality-controlled aids us in making continuous improvements. From quality comes achievement and a sense of pride in a job well done.”

Peter Krill (Data Compliance Manager, Operations, US) said: “For our team, poor quality means missed KPIs which have a negative influence on our clients. Through detailed and precise work, our team maintains the quality that exceeds clients’ expectations.”

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