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Ashfield Meetings & Events’ bright star Donna Grissom is blazing the trail

By Ashfield Meetings & Events


Donna Grissom (Account Manager, Ashfield Meetings & Events, US) takes home the Passionate Leadership Trailblazer Award during the 2018 Pharma Forum award ceremony.

Ashfield Meetings & Events, part of UDG Healthcare, attended the 2018 Pharma Forum conference in Philadelphia which concluded with the Trailblazer Award Ceremony, where Pharma Forum devoted time to honour the individuals in the healthcare life sciences meetings industry who have impacted the industry across various categories; innovation, collaboration mastery and passionate leadership.

Donna Grissom was awarded the Passionate Leadership Trailblazer Award for embodying the meaning of passion in every aspect of work, from leading a successful and engaged team to conducting highly rated meetings to impressing the importance of the patient in the industry.

Laura Brown (SVP Operations, Ashfield Meetings & Events, US) emphasised: “Donna leads her team by example with pure passion. She sets high standards for herself and expects them in return from her team. Her team respects her work ethic and strives to do a good job for her. She takes the time to make sure they always understand ‘the why’ behind what they are asked to do, which is to improve our clients’ ability to provide better quality care.”

Laura continued: “Donna really works closely with her clients to make sure things are handled efficiently and always goes above and beyond.”

Donna commented: “It’s an honour to be have been recognised as the Passionate Leadership Trailblazer during this year’s Pharma Forum. As people are our greatest asset at Ashfield Meetings & Events, I strive to make sure all of my team members feel invested in and understand how paramount executing flawless meetings is to our clients.”

Donna began her professional career at Ashfield Meetings & Events as Project Executive in February of 2012 and was quickly promoted to Project Account Manager than to Project Manager. Most recently, she moved from Project Account Manager to Account Manager in February 2017 and has been extremely successful in her current role.

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