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Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibits & environments

We don't just build exhibit stands, we build stories. We bring your brand story to life with exhibition stands that truly immerse your visitors and all their senses within the narrative.

Each exhibit experience may only live for a few days, so it must be powerful and memorable to endure in the minds of healthcare professionals for far longer. As the experts in exhibits strategy and engagement, we’ll work hand in hand with you to help identify and hone the messaging and objectives for each scientific congress.

Expertly crafted exhibition stands

We fuse our comprehensive exhibition industry knowledge with your specific strategic communications and exhibit objectives. The outcome is a collaborative exhibition stand, designed and built to convey stories, content and medical education - inspiring and influencing your customer base.

Equipped with our knowledge of the industry and your own understanding of your customers and products, we identify the best application for telling those compelling stories through engaging ideas, technologies, and solutions – all while remaining fully compliant.

We create exceptional quality exhibition stand designs to maximise every inch of space, connect your audience with experts in their field and provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities.  The bespoke exhibition stands we develop for you become fully immersive environments.

The size, layout, exhibition technology and creativity involved in each exhibition stand design is taken care of every step of the way by our well-established team, who never lose sight of ensuring every detail aligns with your objectives for the conference, congress or exhibition.

Trust our award-winning team as your fellow storytellers, and attendees will exit your exhibit educated, enlightened, excited, enthralled.

Medical exhibition stands

Our approach to designing medical exhibition stands sits fully within the stringent regulations and compliance levels we know clients must adhere to. We integrate our innovative stand designs and the stories we build together with our clients, alongside their medical communications team to ensure that the activity, education and experience is compliant every time.

We use the boundaries of these regulations to drive even more creative ideas, using our own expert approach that has been built from years of knowledge and experience within the medical exhibition sector.

Our medical exhibition stand expertise comes from this depth of knowledge of our award-winning team, as well as the knowledge of the Ashfield division of companies. This enables us to provide bespoke medical exhibition stands with the foresight of pharmaceutical specialists, thanks to our comprehensive product lifecycle and industry understanding.

We put our unrivalled medical industry and event sector insights into the design of your medical exhibition stand to ensure your brand’s messages resonate and are remembered.

Bespoke exhibition stand designs for our pharmaceutical clients

We work with some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing together our expertise to create stunning, market-leading stands across all sizes and layouts to suit our clients’ unique requirements.

Check out our exhibition stand design case study, or spend two minutes with our Head of Exhibits for expert insight into what goes into developing incredible medical exhibition stands for the pharmaceutical industry.

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