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Telling a truly compelling story about life sciences


Had a good (or better) overall delegate experience


Understood life sciences better after attending the event


Felt inspired to create a legacy


To build on their recent repositioning as a life sciences business and communicate what it really means to be part of such a company, our client wanted to highlight the difference they make to people and animals across the world whilst demonstrating the global challenges they face. We needed to motivate and inspire the audience of 450 from the moment they arrived at the event, engaging both their hearts and minds, instilling a sense of pride in their products and achievements (both individually and as a collective) and leave a lasting legacy beyond the conference.


Upon arrival attendees were shown an introductory video which demonstrated the beauty of nature and presented Earth as a gift, introducing the concept of life sciences and the client’s intention of protecting the future. Delegates were then lead into a tunnel where darkness, an oppressive soundscape and flashing images were used to make them feel uneasy and depict the uncomfortable realities we face. The tunnel lead to an experiential zone which showcased the solutions (from across the client’s portfolio) to the challenges depicted. Finally, we utilised an exhibition to conclude the experiential sequence. In the plenary that followed, we built a simple stage with crisp imagery to reflect the client’s divisional services and focus strongly on the end patient. The sessions then focused on strategy and shaping a legacy, both personal and professional. This was reinforced with a poignant activity which invited delegates to consider what legacy they can leave.


We helped to deliver a truly compelling story about life sciences. Delegate feedback showed that the sessions were engaging and motivating and that the format helped inspire passion and highlighted clearly what attendees needed to do and who they needed to be in order to form a successfully-performing team. Some noted that it had been their best event experience ever and that they left the venue feeling immensely proud of the company and more aware of what they could achieve together. By relating big picture goals and helping to build individual and collective legacies, attendees felt empowered to help patients live a normal life.

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