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Internal, Sales & Launch Meetings

Exciting staff and engaging the local community


Following an office move, our client approached us to assist with a launch of their new space. The launch was planned to engage and excite the staff, introduce the company to the local business community, create publicity and to unveil an educational facility aimed at local schools. The launch was designed to demonstrate the company’s commitment to their staff, their new surroundings and to supporting education in the local area. Prior to the launch, we were invited to act as an implant within the client’s internal events team. This involved leading meetings and giving direction on timelines to ensure efficiency and productivity. The client had clear objectives for the five-day programme and we were able to offer creative and logistical solutions to enhance these objectives.


The week started with a staff launch and an educational session. We created an exhibition area to stage an introduction – which highlighted the client’s focus on life sciences – and provided branded cupcakes, a stage set for presentations and an impactful video. Throughout the week, primary school groups got a better understanding of the chemical process behind the manufacturing of toiletries by preparing their own beeswax lip balm in the educational facility. Secondary school students made gene necklaces and had the opportunity to extract their own DNA and analyse it using advanced equipment. We created bespoke invitations to invite local dignitaries to a reception with a tour of the office and the laboratory. Informal, locally-sourced bowl food was served by usherettes and had a British theme. The event closed with a family open day. A red carpet was rolled out for guests who were welcomed with coffee and pastries. Activities included a photo booth, a sweet cart and two interactive science workshops for children where they created goo to take home and made bouncy balls. We also created a branded colouring-in sheet which included key facts about life sciences. Guests left with gift bags containing a branded portable power charger, stationery and a map of the area surrounding the office, highlighting local nature trails.


With the launch event being part of the working day, it was designed to be completed within a short time to ensure it was accessible to all regardless of their schedule. As a result, the sessions were well attended by all levels of staff. As the event was to launch the new building we worked with the on-site team and suggested improvements to the building as challenges arose. For example, neither the first floor exhibition space nor the laboratory had access to Wi-Fi and there was no power on the first floor. The internal team introduced both Wi-Fi and power to facilitate the event and to enhance the building for the future. Judging by the comments we had at the event coupled with great feedback on social media over the weekend, the family open day was very well received and the client is now planning a repeat event. The client commented that thanks to everyone’s efforts, which were a great example of what can be achieved through close collaboration across the business and with external partners, the new office launch programme was a great success.

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